DR. YONATHAN ZOHAR - University of Maryland, Center of Marine Biotechnology (COMB)

The Research: Merging Modern Biotech with Traditional Marine Science

Yonathan Zohar has spent decades working to overcome barriers in aquaculture that will enable increased production of marine finfish and blue crabs for food and for restocking declining wild stocks. In addition to this work, he is also the director of the University of Maryland's Center of Marine Biotechnology (COMB), which is housed in the Columbus Center, a unique building located directly on the harbor in Baltimore, Maryland's famous waterfront district.

According to Zohar, COMB strives to merge the tools of modern biology and biotechnology, including molecular genetic and genomics, with traditional marine science. The express goal for COMB is to study, protect, and enhance marine and estuarine resources, with a special focus on the Chesapeake Bay. That umbrella encompasses activities ranging from research, to education, to economic and business development. The Biotechnology Institute, of which COMB is a component, is in fact the only arm of the University of Maryland system charged with economic development.

The two main foci at COMB are fisheries and aquaculture biotechnology, and marine microbial biotechnology, with programs aimed at marine natural products discovery and development, marine environmental biotechnology, and emerging technologies.

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