DR. DAVID FRIES - Center for Ocean Technology, University of South Florida

The Research: Putting Laboratory Technologies into the Water

David Fries' laboratory group is focused on taking laboratory technologies into the field in ways that allow them to operate autonomously. His work has led to the creation of a number of innovative, often automated, sensor technologies for use on autonomous underwater vehicles, buoys and other independently deployable units, and in handheld devices. These tools are used to address an assortment of chemical and biological environmental monitoring tasks.

The Saltwater Challenge

"The ocean is probably the worst case example for developing technology," says Fries, because of the many unique problems posed by this environment, including corrosion, biofouling and vibration. "These are all issues that do not have to be considered when developing automated tools for use in the laboratory," he says. However, Fries says that historically, the technologies his team has created for use in the harsh ocean environment often ended up being useful in other environments, such as battlefields, because they are so robust.

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Putting a Biologist In A Can

Enlisting Cells for Biological Detection

Putting a Chemist in a Can

From Computers in the Ocean to the Ocean in a Computer

Education: An Unorthodox Path

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